Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lancaster County Family, Children's Photographer ~ Beth Coblentz Photography ~ Just a personal picture

So this past weekend, my baby brother got MARRIED!!!!  We absolutely adore my new "sister"!  (We may actually be happier to have her in the family than we are my brother! ;)  Kidding! (Kinda ;) 

I was not "The" photographer, 
I want to stress that right up front,  I'd never want to post pictures here that even hinted that I was.  But I do have some pictures to share.  And I will at a later time, I haven't even looked at them all yet!  

BUT...I do have one to share of my beautiful, sweet, sassy, adorable baby girl Lauren, who was one half of the "Petal Protection" team (AKA... Flower Girl)  

How pretty is she!? 

Lancaster County Pennsylvania Newborn Photographer ~ Baby Connor!

A few weeks ago I had the honor of photographing Baby Connor and his 2 older brothers!  It was fun because I've known Connor's Dad for years! And my H has known  him even longer (I think they met in Kindergarten... so like 55 years! ;)  

We started off at the Historic Poole Forge Park to get a few shots of all the kids together.  Chase wanted nothing to do with me! 

Luckily the rain held off, but it was cloudy and we knew it was coming. 

Once the older boys got tired of the crazy lady with the camera in her face following her around, we headed back to my house where I was set up and ready to do baby Connor's new born photos.  But first...  Had to get a few more of all 3...

  I had the heating pad on inside and a space heater, it was toasty warm for him and boy was he good! He slept so well almost the whole time.  

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lancaster County Pennsylvania Photographer ~ Future Sister in Law's Bridal Shower!

Again, posting a personal post for a change.  But it's just so darn exciting right now!! My baby brother (okay, so he's 30-something) is getting married!! (Wow, admitting that my "baby" brother is in his 30's officially makes me OLD!!!)  So I'm getting a new sister and I couldn't be happier with his pick! ;)  way to go Mike!!  And thanks for an addition to the family who I get along SO well with!!
So a few weeks ago I posted about the "bachelorette party"  at Waltz Vineyards  If you missed it, you can see that post Here --->  Out with the girls   I know I mentioned it before, but if you like wine, or just enjoy some beautiful scenery, want to see "baby grapes"  or all of the above... go to this Winery!! 
So last weekend was Kaitlin's Bridal Shower.  It was held at Fiorentino's   in Lititz PA and it was so nice!! the food was amazing!! I adore Mike and Kaitlin's friends, one in particular who shall remain nameless (Bummed after the wedding I may never have a reason to chat with her or hang out with her again :(  ) 
Okay, enough talk.. here are just a few pictures of the day celebrating Kaitlin...  my soon to be Sister!!  <3

Some of the details.  K's Girls did a great job decorating the room.  The pictures on the balloons were adorable and such a great idea.  My sister did the flower arrangements !  and I did the party favors (lip balms) 

One of M & K's engagement pictures done by the very talented Dan Smith of The Smith Factory   

This one I took at the winery a few weeks back

I must find out where they got this cake,  it was amazing!! I mean, I like cake probably more than the normal person anyway ;)  But this cake would turn a NON cake eater into a fanatic!

My "baby" brother and his bride..... 
K's Bridesmaids

Kaitlin and her flower girls, Lauren and Maddie